What is GSA Schedule 84?

Total Solutions For Law Enforcement, Security, Facilities Management, Fire, Rescue, Clothing, Marine Craft And Emergency/Disaster Response

GSA Schedule 84 provides the basic equipment plus services for vehicular, facility, or personal applications for law enforcement protection, apprehension, prevention, or investigation requirements.

What can help you from this GSA Schedule includes: managing controlled burns, extinguishing fires, and providing the protection of individuals’ ability to breathe; respiratory protection. In addition to this, we have several products for the purposes of search and rescue, to help with your entrance into vehicles and buildings, or to evacuate people safely. We can show you our capabilities in terms of hazard alarms; process monitoring; anti-theft alarms; audible/visual alarms; fire alarms; and patient wandering systems for safety enforcement agencies.

If total energy and security managing functions are what you require, GSA Schedule 84 possesses the facility management solutions you will need. This GSA Schedule also includes facility management services, guard services, and general rescue solutions.

In order to protect you from fire, the elements, exposure to biochemicals, accidental immersion, and other materials that hazardous. You can peruse what is readily available in Schedule 84. Items such as safety shoes, uniforms, plus boots of various types are also available.

GSA’s services also include: Design and Support, Security System Management, Marine Craft, as well as Waterfront Security Products and Services; Professional Security/Facility Management Services and Guard Services, Facility Management Services, and Alarm and Signal Systems; Rescue and Firefighting Equipment, Wild land and Urban; Security and Law Enforcement Services and Supplies; Marine Equipment and Marine Craft; plus Special Purpose Clothing for Law Enforcement, Marine, Rescue administration and other general clothing solutions included in the contract.

Other law enforcement security related programs and solutions include: the Cooperative Purchasing Program which lets local and state government agencies buy clothing and equipment from a contract awarded under these Schedules: GSA Schedule 84 and GSA Schedule 70. There is also the 1122 Counter-drug contract. This was created via Section 1122 of the 1994 National Defense Authorization Act, which established law enforcement authority for the local and state governments to buy law enforcement equipment via federal channels for procurement. This is to ensure that the law enforcement equipment is used for counter drug activities. The total GSA contract is capable of providing full solutions for security administration in order to meet the needs of your law enforcement agency. Such integration of physical, data, as well as personal systems of law enforcement security, are capable of being achieved via innovative new solutions, using existing tools. These include GSA Multiple Award Schedules or MAS.

Some questions regarding GSA Schedule 84 are addressed as follows:

Does Schedule 84 offer firearms/ammunition?

The contracts of GSA Schedule 84 (GSA Multiple Award Schedules) are not allowed to offer active ammunition or firearms. The law enforcement agency that is responsible for procuring such solutions is the Defense Logistics Agency.

Are local/state users of eligibility required to get a certification for the use of GSA Schedule 84 contracts via Cooperative Purchasing?

Local/State government administration do not need certification for GSA Schedule 84 contracts. Local/state agency purchasers such as law enforcement security administration should identify themselves as being under the umbrella of the Cooperative Purchasing program and must cite the GSA contract number.

Some information on the GSA 1122 Program.

This GSA Schedule program offers peace of mind via units of state and local government to access federal deposits of supply—in order to buy equipment to support emergency response, homeland security, and counter-drug activities.

In 2009, the Duncan Hunter National Defense Authorization Act altered 10 U.S.C. 381, in order to expand the obtaining of authority with the GSA 1122 Program past the limitations of counter-drug activities, which would include equipment for the purposes of emergency and homeland security response activities. Program expansion details, which include a list of requirements for State Point of Contact (SPOC) certification are here: 1122 Program Equipment and Supplies Catalog (1122 Catalog)

For a list of all states participating in the GSA 1122 Program, and their certified State Points of Contact, go here: State Points of Contact (SPOC)

The Defense Logistics Agency, or DLA, the Department of Defense, or DOD; as well as the General Services Administration, or GSA, do offer equipment solutions for sale for the states that are participating in the GSA program.

Additionally, local and state government entities are able to make use of the federal governments purchasing power through the Disaster Purchasing Program, the Cooperative Purchasing Program, and the Public Health Emergencies Program.

GSA has the capability of providing security solutions to meet various agency needs.

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