GSA Schedule 736: Temporary Administrative and Professional Staffing (TAPS)

Temporary Administrative and Professional Staffing If you own a small business that is geared to just about any service industry you know how difficult it can be to generate business and income. The federal government knows how difficult it can be for small businesses to compete in the market. As more and more large corporations take over all aspects of business there is very little room for the little guy to survive. In order to support small business, GSA schedule 736 was adopted. Unlike many of the other schedules that are fairly specific regarding what services they include, schedule 736 applies to a wide range of services. It is somewhat of a catch-all.

Here you will find jobs from clerical administrative positions to technical and professional occupations. Although this may be one of the hardest schedules to find a niche in, it is the one that is solely designed for small business owners. So if you have a small business it is worth the time it will take to register and search for projects that fit your business. The process is fairly simple, you just need to register with the GSA and then log on to FedBizOpps where you will find a listing of all the projects that are available in your expertise.

Another important difference between this and the other schedules is that these are only temporary positions with a maximum number of days or hours that can be worked. Basically, these are temporary positions that are available either because of hiring freezes or because there just isn’t enough work to hire someone on a permeant basis. The projects cover many different fields including; administrative supports, data processing applications, material packing and handling, maintenance [rk1] and repair operations, information and arts occupations, technical and professional occupations. As you can see this is a wide range of occupations and specialties. So no matter what your specialty there will be a project that fits your professional knowledge.

There are many advantages to listing your small business with GSA schedule 736, beginning with giving yourself the ability to market your skills and open your own small business. Because this schedule is only available to small businesses you won’t have to compete with the big corporations for business. This means that you can use your professional expertise in the way it was meant to be used while maximizing your income. You will also be able to expand your business through hiring other contractors who have the skills that match projects found in schedule 736. The possibilities are unlimited.

You will gain valuable experience at the same time you are growing your small business. It is often difficult to get your foot in the door for a new small business owner but if you have been working under schedule 736 you will have great things to put on your business resume. Further, when potential customers see that you have provided services for the federal government they will stop and take a second look at your business.

Being registered with for schedule 736 will also give you an almost unlimited source for new work. Because these are temporary positions new opportunities are constantly being added. This allows you to use your skills in many different applications opening your small business up to even more possibilities. Additionally, once you have been granted a contract under schedule 736, other contractors will have accesses to your profile and may directly solicit you for their project. You may never have to take an outside job again.

The federal government knows how important small businesses are to our economy. In response, GSA schedule 736 was created to fill temporary positions in many sectors of the government. Although these positions are temporary the potential for a long-term relationship is real and exciting. It can be difficult to get a small business up and running especially if you have specialized knowledge but this is one way you can make that happen. Whether you approach it as a full-time position or take some work on the side to get your foot in the door schedule 736 can provide you with the opportunity you have been looking for. Get your small business registered today to start making money tomorrow.

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GSA Schedule 736
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