All You Need To Know About The GSA Schedule 58

audio/video rackThe GSA Professional Audio/Video Solutions Schedule 58 I Contract is intended to meet the advanced information transfers and security observation needs of government offices – from the most essential to the most complex. Sellers holding a GSA Professional Audio/Video Solutions Schedule Contract offer TV cameras, information transfers hardware, recording and repeating innovation, shut circuit observation gear, video, and sound gear, subordinate administrations, and that’s just the beginning.

With the developing interest for Homeland Security endeavors and reconnaissance gear, this contract has turned out to be progressively significant to government customers. On the off chance that your firm can offer advanced correspondences and security skill, the Professional Audio/Video Solicitation is the most proper for you.

Here is a short list of the things secured by Schedule 58:

  • Video and sound recording hardware
  • Media utilized as a part of video and sound recording gear, for example, video tapes
  • Smaller than usual studio frameworks
  • Preparing and guideline in utilizing smaller than usual studio frameworks
  • Adornments and parts for video and sound recording frameworks
  • Proficient videographer or sound recording administrations
  • Adornments for screens, for example, batteries, chargers, links and mounting supplies
  • Video recording cameras
  • Parts and adornments for video recording cameras
  • Proficient sound frameworks and their parts
  • Gear, parts and adornments for telecom frameworks
  • Administrations important to make an expert sound/video studio, including examination and evaluation administrations
  • Universal offers of sound/video hardware
  • Proficient generation of sound/video presentations
  • TVs including DVD or VCR combo units
  • VCRs
  • DVD players
  • Blu-Ray players
  • VHS Tape players
  • Home stereo frameworks and their parts
  • Compact media players, similar to CD players and MP3 players
  • Clock radios
  • Desktop stereo frameworks
  • Sound racks
  • Hand-held camcorders

GSA Schedule 58 Features

  • Contract is a five-year base period contract with three-year alternative periods
  • PO’s might be asked for whenever amid the base/or alternative period
    Easy to utilize
  • Provides the greatest backing to Federal offices
  • $3 Million project ceiling
  • GSA Schedule 58 Design

GSA Schedule 58 Includes

  • 1 useful zone assigned by the North American Industry Classification System
  • NAICS 541990 – Professional Audio/Video Assessment, Design, and Integration
    Purchasing from pre-affirmed sellers permits offices to slice through formality and get merchandise and administrations quicker. A calendar contract can eliminate regulatory expenses for an office.
  • Vendors must experience a thorough application process, including the transaction of reasonable and sensible costs to win a GSA Schedule Contract.

GSA Schedule 58 Benefits

  • GSA Schedule 58 Contracts contain pre-arranged evaluating, terms and conditions
  • Pricing has as of now been regarded “reasonable and sensible”
  • Fedbiz/Opps Synopsis is not required
  • Products can be acquired straightforwardly through GSA Advantage!

If you are interested in getting on GSA Schedule 58, contact GSA Scheduler for more information.