advertising and marketingThe GSA schedule 541 Advertising and Integrated Marketing Solutions (AIMS) Contract is usually referred to as schedule 541 or AIMS Schedule. This is a centralized contract constructed for marketing and advertising services, comprising of everything from email marketing and web design to the creation of public awareness comprehensive media plans and campaigns.

Marketing and advertising services provided under the GSA Schedule 541 Include:

  1. Public relations services.
  2. Web grounded marketing services.
  3. Public awareness campaigns and advertising services.
  4. Integrated activities for Turn Key.
  5. Implementation of media planning.
  6. Innovative multimedia campaigns.
  7. Display design and implementation activities.
  8. Tradeshow, events, and conference planning.
  9. Graphic design, art and commercial photography.
  10. Market analysis and research.
  11. Video and film production.
  12. Competition and challenges services
  13. GSA scheduling 541 Assistance
  14. Full-service support to obtain a GSA 541 schedule.

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Services under the GSA schedule 541

GSA Schedule 541 performs everything from graphic design and advertising services – both print and web – and it can be used for support with a onetime marketing movement, or for fully assimilated marketing efforts. The GSA 541 Schedule can be an efficient tool to protect government business purposed for advertising agencies providing such services and possessing the techniques required to help the government in successfully communicating and initiating their objectives.

  1. Preparation for advertising campaigns.
  2. Executing radio and television adverts or public service broadcasts.
  3. Planning straightforward mailing campaigns.
  4. Media placement services and selections.
  5. Reviewing the efficiency of advertising campaigns.
  6. Advertising activities.
  7. Public relations activities.
  8. Clipping and press conference services.
  9. Media notifications.
  10. Interview scheduling.
  11. Media essential services during a crisis.
  12. Training individuals to deal appropriately with the media.
  13. Internet marketing activities.
  14. Website design and web maintenance.
  15. Email advertising campaigns
  16. Search engine optimization
  17. Web-based video conferencing
  18. Webcasts.
  19. Web training programs.
  20. Integrated marketing campaigns
  21. Captioning activities.
  22. Internet media management.
  23. Services integrating these different forms of media integration.
  24. Market research and market analysis.
  25. Public awareness campaigns
  26. Branding.
  27. Analysis and formulation of target markets.
  28. Developing marketing objectives.
  29. Observing trends in markets.
  30. Establishment of a call center.
  31. Telemarketing focus groups.
  32. Analysis and surveys of the films and video products.
  33. Formulation and setup of displays for museums, conferences, and similar settings.
  34. Scheduling and organizational services for trade shows, conferences, seminars, and related events
  35. Commercial art activities.
  36. Technical writing and copywriting.
  37. Marketing and advertising services for competitions or challenges.

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GSA Schedule 541
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