An Overview of GSA Schedule 03FAC – Facilities Maintenance and Management

The GSA 03FAC maintenance and management schedule is a centralized contract for businesses in the energy and facilities management industries. This contract is usually referred to as GSA Schedule 03FAC or Facilities Schedule.

Amenities that qualify for the GSA Schedule 03FAC can be categorized into the following groups:

  1. Buildings systems integration
  2. Industrial, marine, and aerospace coating solutions
  3. Management solutions and facility maintenance for real property
  4. Dockside maintenance services
  5. Dry Docking repair services and solutions
  6. Water conservation, energy management and support services

GSA Schedule 03FAC Solutions

Energy management enterprises that usually assists federal agencies to meet sustainable goals should deliberate if the GSA Schedule 03FAC deal is appropriate for their business. Firms can give the following energy sustainable solutions to the federal government via the GSA Schedule 03FAC.

The Contracts:

  1. Energy management and energy planning strategies
  2. Training on metering Services
  3. Energy support services programs
  4. Building authorizing services
  5. Energy inspection services
  6. Resource efficiency management
  7. Modernization in energy
  8. Conservation of water

Other services offered by GSA 03FAC schedule include:

  1. Complete facilities maintenance.
  2. Ancillary alteration and repair services.
  3. Grounds and cemetery maintenance.
  4. Tree Planting removal or trimming.
  5. Fire alarm preventative systems.
  6. Repair and maintenance services.
  7. Water grounded firefighting system.
  8. Preventative repair and maintenance services.
  9. Maintenance of functional systems.
  10. Refrigeration, ventilation, heating, air conditioning, Chiller HVAC and boiler Maintenance.

GSA O3FAC Schedule Benefits

By using GSA O3FAC schedule contract, your business will save a lot of time, money and effort, and you will also access a reliable construction and resource maintenance site. The GSA 03FAC management services already completed the sincere, technical review, the prescribed and administrative constraints, alongside other related overhead work. Most of the GSA O3FAC contract prices are fair and reasonable and have made other extra services available to you wherever you are. Some of the benefits business people receive by using GSA O3 FAC schedule include:

  1. Reachable to all federal states, local governments and agencies nationwide.
  2. Direct contact to HD General Contracting
  3. Access to various services categories.
  4. Advanced awards and selection.
  5. No federal business synopsis.
  6. No prolonged source selection.
  7. No audit proposal.

If you are interested in getting on GSA Schedule 03FAC, contact GSA Scheduler today for information.

GSA Schedule 03FAC
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